Sunday, April 24, 2011

Undercover Mommy Contest

It’s only two weeks until we all have our Mommy celebrations, but I’m gonna get started now! For the next two weeks, I’m going undercover.

I'm on the lookout for those super-special mommies, the still-figuring-it-out mommies, and the somebody-help-me-or-I’m-gonna-scream mommies. (Let’s face it: if you’re a mommy, you’ve been all of the above.) When I find those mommies, I'm going to make sure they know they're appreciated with a smile, a "thank you," and an autographed copy of Thank You, God, for Mommy!

I’ll be on Facebook, Twitter, in the grocery stores, and in the school pick-up lines looking for all of those mommies that we thank God for every day.

Look for upcoming stories of the random Mommies in Action that I catch in person, and . . .

I want to hear YOUR mommy stories too! Tell me about the mommy that YOU thank God for—either below or on my Facebook page, and the entry to get the most Likes wins an adorable, autographed Thank You, God, for Mommy. (If you post as a comment below, I will re-post to my Facebook page. Tell your friends to look for it there!)

So, do you have a mommy to celebrate? Tell me about it.

Don’t wanna take your chances? Get one at my upcoming signing or through my website

I can’t wait to meet all of the wonderful mommies out there!


blueschaeffer said...

I would like to nominate Kelly Billington. Kelly was a single mommy of two boys for many years. Struggling to make ends meet, but wanting to be a "stay at home" mom for her boys she utilized her photography skills as a wedding photographer. She was able to work all weekend every weekend while the boys were with their Dad, and make enough money to scrape by with the bills during the week. She has now parlayed her beautiful heart, mommying skills and gift of pictures into a new marraige with the man of her dreams, a baby girl of their own to join her two older boys in an amazing mixed family, and a hugely successful business, Bella Baby Photography. Bella Baby takes priceless portraits of newborns at hospitals to capture memories of the beginning of mommyhood for thousands of new moms each day as they bring life into this world.

Amy Parker said...

Thanks, Laura! :) I'll post this to my Facebook page. Send Kelly and her friends there to help her get the most Likes!