Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Tip: Skip the Bowl

Yes, I realize that I'm a writer and should be blogging about writerly things. But first and foremost, I'm a mother to two hungry boys.

So here's the tip: skip the bowl. 

This morning, when "I'm hungry!" rang out from the back bedroom, I knew I had to scurry. I had a client call coming and a list of things to do before that. So, I grabbed a package of just-add-milk muffins and a measuring cup.

(If you're a just-add-flour-baking-soda-baking-powder kind of cook--and occasionally I am--this won't help. :)

First measure the milk (or whatever is to be measured) in a two-cup measuring cup. (For larger batters, like pancakes, I use a graduated pitcher.) Then add the mix directly into the measuring cup. A two-cup measuring cup is perfect for the half-dozen muffin mix. After you mix the batter in the measuring cup, you simply pour directly from the cup. 

Rocket science? No. But does it save dishes, time, and water? Yes. Plus, it pours much more neatly from the spout than it does from a bowl or tablespoon.

I'm no Martha Stewart. But I try to streamline where I can.

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