Friday, January 9, 2015

Planting Seeds

The first Seeds that we bought--
now completely committed to memory.
As our children grow, trillions of little seeds are planted in their minds. Loved ones teach them and correct them and applaud them. Books, music, and other media can do the same. These seeds can bloom into beautiful creations or destroy like weeds on Miracle-Gro. 

So when this mama came across a charming little CD called Seeds of Praise, it was love at first sight. The little stick man design and earthy colors were enough to make me pick it up. And when I did, I discovered that for the price of one CD, you actually get two full CDs and sleeves. It wasn't a promo--they were all that way. There was one CD for you to keep and one for you to give away. 

Who does that?! 

I'll tell ya: people who are passionate about the seeds they're planting.

When we got home, I put it into my son's CD player while he was in his room, and a few minutes later, the sweetest sound emerged: he was singing along. It's pure Scripture set to music--music that you will actually enjoy listening to (even on long car rides), words that you will end up singing yourself, seeds that need to be planted in all of our hearts.

Then when the guys at Seeds Family Worship asked if I'd like a copy of their new album, The Word of God, to review . . . well, duh.

I wasn't surprised to find that the latest release was just as wonderful as the first CD that I had fallen in love with (and the second CD I had bought shortly thereafter). And when a product makes it so easy--even fun--to do something as important as planting seeds of Scripture and goodness into our hearts, who can get enough of that?

So, do your family a favor and check out their site. You can listen to the full albums (but trust me, you'll wanna buy your own), download some of these resources, and sign up for their mailing list. They're always sharing free songs, making it easy for us to spread the seeds around. 

And with seeds like these, how can we not grow some beautiful things? 

(But one suggestion guys: can we have the little stick man back? 'Cause I kinda love him. ;)

In the spirit of planting seeds, comment below, and I'll choose a random person to send a Seeds Family Worship CD. I'll even let you pick which one!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!

Dan said...

Love these guys!

Laura L. Smith said...

So cute! I have a book on my desk called 10 BIG WORDS that is also a great way to memorize scripture - something I'd really like to be better at, because when we're armed with God's word, well then, we can fight any battle, and stand strong through it all. Checking these guys out now.