Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ready for Battle?

If you follow the film industry at all, you've probably heard about a little film called War Room that released this past weekend. A couple of brothers wrote and produced a film on a relatively low budget, cast a Bible-study author as the star, and somehow battled to the very top of the box office on opening day (beating out Straight Outta Compton!?!)--making this film evidence of the very tenant they set out to proclaim.

Prayer is a powerful weapon.

Last December, I screened a rough cut of the film (SO moving, SO good), and since then I've been watching in wonder as this story unfolded. 

My part in the story alone is a miraculous one: I was to write a 128-page book on prayer strategy for kids. 

Um . . . "God is great, God is good"? . . . 

Yeah, talk about unequipped. But in January, an hour-long call with Stephen Kendrick laid out the structure of PrayerWorks. He told me that they were praying for me. And I felt it. With a prayer strategy in place, I worked through the outline--and prayed. Hard. Within a month, I had a 14,000-word manuscript delivered. On time. 

Miraculous. :)

Trust me: this is a story you want to be a part of. This is a story that will change your life and, I believe, can change our world. 

Go--right now--and buy tickets to see the film. 

And I wouldn't be doing it justice if I didn't include a little Miss Clara: 

Okay, so see the film. But don't stop there. 

These guys, with B&H Publishing, have created a whole arsenal of resources, for all ages, to maximize the power of prayer in your hands and to instill that power in the next generation. 


Still not convinced? Just turn on the news. 

There is a battle going on out there. And there's not a man-made weapon that will stand against the enemy. It's up to us to fight the darkness that's closing in around us. Sharpen your weapons, go to battle each day, and we will bring light to this darkness--through prayer.

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Laura Smith said...

Praising God for you and willingness to write for Him. Praying that this movie and your books will continue to cast light on darkness.