Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Jesus Calms the Storm

I'm not the best manager of my time. 

There. I said it. (But if you know me, this is no surprise.)

I take on too much. I say yes much too often. And I am much too optimistic about what I can accomplish on any given day--with all the other stuff I've taken on, and all.

This tends to create the occasional storm. Sure, I've gotten better. But at least once a year, it all piles up, and I become a basket case. Or a raving lunatic. Or both. 

It's not pretty.

I'm in the midst of the storm now. And I just so happen to be writing about Jesus calming the storm (Matthew 8:23-27): 

The disciples were getting the hang of this faith thing. They had walked with Jesus as He preached. They had witnessed the many miracles He performed.

But then came the storm.

Jesus and His disciples were all in a boat, crossing the Sea of Galilee, when the wind started whipping, and the waves started crashing. They couldn’t see for the flashes of lightning and the driving rain. They couldn’t hear over the thunder and the wind. But they could feel the water rushing around their feet—and rising.

Where was Jesus?!?

They found Him—sleeping, no less—at the back of the boat. “Jesus!" the grown men cried. "We’re all going to die!!!” 

Jesus opened His eyes and answered with an unexpected question, “Why are you afraid, you of little faith?” 
                                              (from The Faith, Hope, Love Devotional, coming Fall 2016)

AMY (in her infinite wisdom): Why am I afraid?! Can't you see all these deadlines? Don't you know how far behind I am? And I still have to feed these carnivorous boys, go to six more events this week, and spend Friday at school passing out cookie dough! Why am I afraid?! I'm going to drown!

JESUS (slow blink): Oh, you of little faith . . . don't you know who gave you those projects? Don't you know who gave you those children? Don't you know I created you, gave you these gifts? You have everything you need to accomplish these tasks. Do you not believe me, that you can do all things through me? . . . Waves, chill out. Wind, hushhh. And Amy, get back to work.

And just like that, the storm is calm. And I live to see another day.

Don’t make Jesus call you out on your faith. Don't let your "little faith" get in the way of all the big things God has planned for you. He controls the wind. He can calm the waves. And I'm starting to think that maybe He even creates the storms--just to remind us who is in control.

photo credit: Tormenta Urroz Villa via photopin (license)


Laura L. Smith said...

I love this passage and absolutely cling to it! I love the Message translation where Jesus says to them, "Why are you such cowards?" Man, why am I? Such a coward. Jesus has this day and that project and even the cookie dough, of course He has the cookie dough :) completely under control. Let's make a pact to breathe Him in and out in this season and everyday!

Amy Parker said...

It's a pact, Laura! You may have to remind me on occasion. Like now. And tomorrow. And probably the next day too. . . . <3