Tuesday, December 29, 2015

*RELEASE DAY!* The Plans I Have for YOU Devotional and Journal

Today we're celebrating RELEASE DAY for two more books: The Plans I Have for YOU Devotional and The Plans I Have for YOU JournalThey're the second and third books in a growing brand with ZonderKidz based on Jeremiah 29:11. (There are even more to come! Stay tuned!) 

Photo by Amanda Ward 
In August, the first of the series, The Plans I Have for YOU picture book, releasedSince then, I've read the book to hundreds of kids, watching their heads tilt and eyes widen as they hear about God's plans for them--and of course, as they learn what an entomologist is. ;) I wonder how many parents have now been told, "I'm going to be an emtozologist when I grow up!"

And really, isn't that the point? To let kids know that they're valued . . . that they have a purpose . . . Even with those little bones, in that little skin, behind those flubbed words, there's a big ol' heart that can hear God's call, that can make a big ol' difference (Matthew 18:3, 1 Timothy 4:12). It's a message we could all use--grandkids and graduates and grandmas alike!

The devotional and journal both (sample pages below), while maintaining the engaging whimsy of the picture book, take the message of God's plans and purpose to the next level. In the devotional, you dig deeper--with poems, Bible stories, scripture, even a scavenger hunt!--to really discover God's plans for you, right now, right where you are. 

The journal then lets you run with it, personalizing the message to your own life. (I would truly recommend the journal for ANY age.) Most spreads offer a scripture, then prompt you to apply that scripture to your life right now.

So we've got the picture book that plants the message in a way that will take root, the devotional that nourishes and grows that message for 90 days, and a journal with over 200 pages to harvest the message in your own life. It's my hope that these three tools will produce fruit that nourishes kids--and adults--for a lifetime, a constant reminder that:

God has BIG plans for YOU!

From the Devotional . . .

From the Journal . . .


Laura L. Smith said...

These books are amazing resources either as stand alone items or with the Plans I Have For You picture book. I'm so excited you and God created these to get these into hands of young people, so they truly can understand the important work God has prepared for each of us!

Amy Parker said...

Thank you so much. Praying that these books find the hands that need them.