Friday, August 12, 2016

Review of the Week: "The children gave it five stars!"

In my line of work, my most important, helpful, and honest critics are children. Soo, needless to say, I was tickled to come across this review--my hands-down favorite review of Night Night, Farm thus far!

Here's a snippet (from Amazon):

As a summer day camp director I had the opportunity to read the book to thirteen children (K5-2nd Grade). And this is how I know that the children appreciate animal sounds! I explained to them the five star rating. All thirteen children gave the book five stars! I asked the children what they liked about the book. I quote.

“The pictures are cute.”

“I love the Kittens.”

“I liked when the horse was sleeping.”

“I liked the pictures.”

“I liked the donkey.”

“all of the animal pictures, everything, the whole book”

“when it said good night God”



“cows and owls”

“the puppy dog”
Thank you, Mark Evans, wherever you are, for sharing this book with kiddos, um, for being a summer day camp director (whew!), and for simply sharing the love of reading with little ones. 

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