Monday, March 20, 2017

RELEASE DAY! Thank You, God, for Grandma & Grandpa

It's release day, friends! And some of you have been waiting for these two for a long, long time.

When Thank You, God, for Mommy and Thank You, God, for Daddy released in 2011, I expected sales around Mother's Day and Father's Day, with little attention in between. But you have been screaming, "WE LOVE THESE BOOKS," with your purchases all year long--year, after year, after year. 
You've also been screaming (at book signings, at conferences, at family get-togethers ;), "WE WANT GRANDPARENTS BOOKS TOO!"

So now--thanks to you and your screaming, dear readers--HERE. THEY. ARE.

And they are the cutest.
Early sketches from the amazing Rosalinda Kightley
When writing these books, when seeking out all of the amazing attributes of grandparents, I had so many real-life examples to choose from: my own parents and grandparents, my husband's parents and grandparents, and even summers spent with my great-grandparents while they were still here. These books are written just for them--for ALL of them--for the Nanas and Papas and Grandmommies and Granddaddies, with their legendary love for us and our own children. 

Some early scribblings from yours truly :)
We often buy books like this for the same reason that we buy greeting cards. They capture an emotion so precious, so sweet, so deep down in our hearts that we often can’t put the words in place to express it. And I hope that in these little board books, you'll find just that: precious illustrations paired with that message you’ve been longing to say. . . . 

“Thank You, God, for Grandma. Thank You, God, for Grandpa. Thank You, God, for the hours they spend with my children. Thank You for the long stories that Grandpa tells. Thank You for Grandma’s secret recipes. Thank You for the gift of their presence, their legacy. Thank You, God, for the memories that they leave behind."

You can find them all here:
Thank You, God, for Grandma
Thank You, God, for Grandpa
Thank You, God, for Mommy
Thank You, God, for Daddy

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