Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Mother's Day! (Hold the glitter.)

I spent a good hour in the greeting card aisle yesterday. I'm fairly certain I read every. single. Mother's Day card there.

Some were funny. ("For all the times you could have smacked me, but didn't...) 

Some were flat. ("You're a good mother." Seriously. Save the six bucks.) 

Some were over-the-top. And most were covered in glitter and/or were in tribute to "the Queen." (What.) 

Exactly three of them expressed the appropriate sentiment (sans glitter). And I bought them.

It made me wonder if any of the people writing these cards were mothers--or even ever HAD mothers. (And if you treat your mother like the queen, please adopt me.) 

Motherhood is beautiful and painful and the most difficult and rewarding thing a woman will ever do. Ever. In all fairness, how could you encapsulate that in a poem (and still leave room for all the glitter)?

As I was wandering through my blog posts today, I found some pretty accurate portrayals of motherhood. So in celebration of Mother's Day--and every day on this journey--I thought I'd share them with you.

From a mama who's been there and survived (so far): Happy Mother's Day! 

Those three words will never be enough. <3

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