Friday, February 8, 2013

A Blessing for a Blessing (Part 2)

Remember little Mugisha? From this photo alone, you know he's going far in the world--if only his little feet would cooperate.

So one by one, twenty by twenty, we raised enough to buy a wheelchair for Mugisha.

But that was only half of the battle. I had asked you to pray as well, pray that a child's wheelchair, a rare find in his part of the world, would find its way to Mugisha.
Mugisha in the adult wheelchair

Zachary (from the UCC) said, "We have tried our best to find those local made wheelchair that he can pedal himself, but the one we found was too big for him." 

Still, those guys at the UCC aren't the type to give up easily.

(Who needs a caption?!)

And then the miracle: "Yesterday we have got standard wheelchairs from Handicap International, and we have found one that fit Mugisha."

But you know our God, don't you? He just couldn't stop there.

Ngabo and his new set of wheels

From Zachary, "The local made one was given to another boy called Ngabo who also needed a wheelchair so much." Ngabo was hidden for over ten years in his home (as disabled children often are), until someone found him and brought him to the UCC. He's now been attending the UCC for about a year and "has started to recover and live with others without a problem." 

Thanks to you--and the UCC--Mugisha and Ngabo are gonna go far!

From Zachary, "Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to get this wheelchair."