Friday, May 19, 2017

LOOOOK! Personalized Plans!

Add YOUR child's name and photo to The Plans I Have for YOU!
I didn't think I could love this book any more, but now, they've gone and done it.

NOW, you can have your very own personalized The Plans I Have for YOU! with your very own name and photo throughout! 

Or maybe your child's name, if you must. ;) 

Or maybe BOTH!

And right now, FaithGateway has a $5 off coupon when you order one (code: 5OFFKIDS). Of course, they're offering this on other books, too, but you know which one is my favorite. ;)

The Plans I Have for You is absolutely perfect for graduation or milestones or really for any day or age at all. I personally believe that this is a message that we all need to hear!

Kids (and adults!) now more than ever need to hear that God has BIG plans for them. And now, with the personalized option, they can hear that message stronger than ever. 

Get your own personalized copy here! 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Happy Mother's Day! (Hold the glitter.)

I spent a good hour in the greeting card aisle yesterday. I'm fairly certain I read every. single. Mother's Day card there.

Some were funny. ("For all the times you could have smacked me, but didn't...) 

Some were flat. ("You're a good mother." Seriously. Save the six bucks.) 

Some were over-the-top. And most were covered in glitter and/or were in tribute to "the Queen." (What.) 

Exactly three of them expressed the appropriate sentiment (sans glitter). And I bought them.

It made me wonder if any of the people writing these cards were mothers--or even ever HAD mothers. (And if you treat your mother like the queen, please adopt me.) 

Motherhood is beautiful and painful and the most difficult and rewarding thing a woman will ever do. Ever. In all fairness, how could you encapsulate that in a poem (and still leave room for all the glitter)?

As I was wandering through my blog posts today, I found some pretty accurate portrayals of motherhood. So in celebration of Mother's Day--and every day on this journey--I thought I'd share them with you.

From a mama who's been there and survived (so far): Happy Mother's Day! 

Those three words will never be enough. <3