Thursday, October 31, 2013

Enter the My Christmas List Contest!

Want to change the world? 

Want to spread the true meaning of Christmas? 

Want to win some great prizes?!

Enter the My Christmas List contest!

Following the theme of My Christmas List, we're inviting you to share your own list by telling how you and your family have helped others in need. 

1. Submit photos and/or stories of you or your family helping others in your community and around the world.* Volunteering? Sponsoring a child? Donating to a food bank? Sending letters to soldiers? Tell us about it. And don't be shy: you never know how your story will inspire others to do the same!

2. EVERY photo and/or story will be featured right here on my blog. I'm gonna post, tweet, and shout from the mountaintops what YOU'RE doing to change the world. **

3. On December 10, the contest ends, and a panel of judges, including myself, will review all entries.***

4. On December 15, FIVE winners will be notified that they have won autographed copies of My Christmas List. ONE winner will be notified that he or she has won an autographed copy of My Christmas List AND a $200 gift card from LifeWay.

But really, just by participating, you receive the greatest reward: becoming more aware of the needs of others, reaping the benefits of serving, and realizing the great abundance in our own lives. When each of us do our part, we can make a big difference by serving those on our Christmas lists. 

So come on, show us how you're making Christmas--and all year long--a time to give, serve, and love the world. Submit your stories today.

*By submitting stories and/or photos, you give permission for me to use on my blog. 
**Obviously, any photo or story content I deem questionable will not be included. Stories may be edited for length and/or content.
***Winners will be selected by the sole discretion of the judges.