Friday, July 31, 2015

* Free Bookplates for Preorders! *

If you somehow haven't heard, my latest, most favoritest book, The Plans I Have for You, releases on August 25. And right now preorder prices are cuh-razy! Amazon has it for HALF OFF. (CBD 47% off, B&N 42 % off.) That is eight dollars and fifty-five cents, my friends, for an 11" x 9"*, jacketed, hardcover picture book that hasn't even released yet! (And the cutest one on the planet, in my totally biased opinion.)

If that isn't incentive enough, I'm also going to mail a bookplate, signed by yours truly, to everyone who preorders a copy (before August 25). If you've preordered a copy or ten, just email me here with your mailing address, how many bookplates you want, and how you want them inscribed, and I'll send them out lickety split!

Bookplates! Bookplates! Get your free bookplates!
But really, all sales spiels aside, the #1 reason to buy this book (preorder or not) is what's inside: a message of hope and purpose inspired by God Himself. Based on Jeremiah 29:11, this book was meant to remind us--young and old--that God has big plans for us all. 

Wanna sneak peek of the trailer? Okay. . . .

I hope you'll love this book as much as I do. Young or old, successful or just getting started, we all need to be reminded of that everlasting purpose so much larger than ourselves.

What?! You're still reading?! 

Preorder Plans from Amazon, from Barnes & Noble, from Walmart, Target, from CBD--from WHEREVER!--and then email me for your free bookplate. 

Oh, and help me spread the word!

Infinite thanks . . .

* The dimensions are incorrect on Amazon.

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