Friday, February 13, 2015

My Latest Release: Fireproof!

This month marks the release of my second collaboration with Michael Catt, Fireproof Your Life for Teens. (The first collaboration, Courageous Teens, won Christian Retailing's BEST Award. So pay attention! ;)

If you don't already know him, Michael Catt is Senior Pastor of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. You may know him better as the executive producer of the films Flywheel, Facing the GiantsCourageous, and Fireproof. (And HEY, I sacrificed several tears picking out those clips to share. Click the links. Watch 'em.) 

The success of the film Fireproof, it's safe to say, surprised everyone. This little film, coming out of a Baptist church in Georgia, was produced with "a dozen professionals, 1,200 volunteers, and a budget of $500,000." (It was written, directed, and produced by members of the Sherwood family, Stephen and Alex Kendrick.) So when it pulled in $33.4 million at the box office and became the #1 independent film for that year, people sat up and took notice.

The popularity of the film made it clear: we are continually seeking ways to protect our faith from the fires of the world around us. If you've seen it, you know that the film focuses on marriage. But in his book (for adults), Fireproof Your Life, Catt showed us how to be fireproof in every aspect of our lives: faith, decision-making, relationships, money, eternity

But really, is there any time in our lives when our faith is more under fire than our teenage years? 

Fortunately--for me, for you, for our teens--B&H Kids recognized the power of speaking that message directly to teens, and Fireproof Your Life for Teens was born. With this tool, ayoung people struggle to learn who they are, they can forge an indestructible identity by remembering whose they are.

They can be fireproof. 

In the teen version, we use key scenes from the film, straight-from-the-Bible examples, and real-life applications to make sure these young people walk away with the message fully ingrained so that they can step out into the world with the protection they need.

In life, no doubt, the fires will come, but with some faith and guidance, we can all learn what it takes to be fireproof.

Know a teen who could use a little fireproofing? :) Comment below, and I'll choose one person to receive an autographed copy!

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Laura L. Smith said...

Reading in right now - awesome stuff! Can't wait for my two teens to read so they can Fireproof their hearts for Jesus