Friday, April 24, 2015

Words to Dream On

One of the huge perks of this business is having author friends. The people you meet at conferences and chat with on Facebook are the same people who create amazing products that you wanna run around telling everyone about. 

One such friend is Diane Stortz, with her latest adorableness, Words to Dream On.* (She also wrote The Sweetest Story Bible.) 

I mean, c'mon . . . the cover! I knew I loved this book before I'd even read the first word. And once I held it in my hands, well, let's just say that you need this book in your library. Like, now.

The thing you'll love about Diane is that she spent many years of her career as an editor in children's Christian publishing. She knows what works. She knows how to speak to children. And she's going to make every word matter. As a mom, that speaks volumes to me, because I have limited time and money and bedtime stories to spend with my children. I want to make them count.

You can see for yourself that the interior is just endearing. It pulls you in. The illustrations feel modern and vibrant, but there's an earthier chalkiness that I love too. 

Still, what you're going to appreciate the most--besides the obvious sharing of God's Word with your children--are the multiple interactions provided with each story, for each bedtime. 

  1. There's, of course, the Bible story, with perfectly simplified phrasing, like this one from the story of Moses: "One mommy, Jochebed, didn't do what Pharaoh wanted. She hid her baby boy at home, but after three months he was too big--and noisy!--to hide any longer." (Do you know how difficult it is to explain the scary stuff of the Bible to kids?! She's done it. Beautifully.)
  2. There's a Bedtime Blessing, giving the theme or lesson that your child will walk away with. (To me, this sort of doubles as a topical index. Say you're having a bully issue. You know you can flip to the story of David, with the Bedtime Blessing, "God will fight for you.")
  3. There are Words to Dream On, a short but applicable Bible verse, perfect for memorizing.
  4. And a Sleepy-Time Prayer that's a quick, sweet message for kids to read or repeat to God that helps them to internalize and pray about the message of the story.
If you're looking for the perfect Bible storybook, or just a meaningful book to share with your kids, this is it. Gorgeous illustration and design, words that matter, messages your kids will understand--this Bible storybook is no less than the title promises, a dream

*I'm not sure why CBD has the description "Imitation Leather." Unless I'm missing something, this is a regular hardcover book, and I wouldn't want it any other way. :)

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