Tuesday, February 4, 2020

God Is Love

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Ah, February. This is the month when the world turns red, rose petals flutter from the sky, and I get another excuse to eat Ferrero Rocher in bulk. 

But Americans didn't invent this celebration of love, even as much as we commercialize it. The Romans didn't invent it, even with their good buddy Saint Valentine. Nope, the very first expression of love goes all the way back to when God swirled the galaxies together and set the stars in the skies to sparkle just for you and me. He breathed life into dust and created us, saying, "Yes, yes, this is good."

He loves us. You and me. God is love. 

We get a lot of mixed messages about what love looks like. But there is one love that is unchanging, unconditional, and completely un-quantifiable, and you can find that love in the One who created you, whether you love him--whether you even believe in him--or not.

He loves you.

To try to describe that boundless love in words that little ones--that everyone--can feel and understand, I wrote God Is Love. I described God's love within "the miracle of a kitten's first mew" and "the flight of the ladybug." But more than anything: 

God is the reason we celebrate
Love and all that it is.
We love because he first loved us;
He is ours, and we are his.

So, this February, whether you're celebrating Valentine's, Galentine's, or anything in between, please know that you are loved with a love that is infinitely deep and wide and true. Please know that God is love. And God loves you. 

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